Tuesday, April 23, 2013

INDN 252: Refined Renders

Now that's I've finally got rendering downpacked, I've been able to advance the renders of my model to a point that I'm happy with. The result is that I think I've got something I'm happy with. I experimented with a range of materials, achieving totally different results each time.

One of the reasons why I did some renders is not to show what my model looks like in real life, but what I would want my model to look like. I know that getting my model to look like these models would be night impossible, but maybe in the future, when I can improve my skill set, maybe then getting my models looking like this would be an achievable goal.

This render was a completely outlandish render of what would look awesome. Making the model in glass would pretty much be impossible, but I really wanted to see what it would look like, so I had a bit of fun! I kept the lights and the black chrome on the interior spaces the same, as I think I really like those.

Having the lights on the six circular slots on the outside of the model makes the model into something more than an abstracted joint. It makes it into an expression of a futuristic ideal, along with an interactive, dynamic piece. The material, again is something that would be very hard to make the model out of, but I still think it would look fantastic. 

I really pushed the boundary on this render, and it paid off. I maxed out a lot of the settings, and the whole thing took multiple hours, but that's the price you have to pay for something pretty!

This final render is definitely the one that's grown on me the most. It makes the model feel really, really elegant, and it shows off the forms that went into it. The whole thing oozes futurism, and captures the ideas that I was going for. 

The render will be added to my supporting images section.

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