Friday, April 12, 2013

INDN 252: Integrated Designs!

So now that I have a direction for my form, I can start working on the design of the form itself. The direction that I want to take with my form is one of futuristic lines and graphic elements that all form together to make an overall joint structure.

This joint design will draw most heavily on the piece of architectural conceptualisation from Mass Effect, as I found the clean lines and overall forms worked the best for me. I want to base the form on straight parallel lines, with a mixture of diagonal 45 degree lines built into the form. To complement  and complete these lines, I want to also use curves that will follow the lines and complete them, but (aside from the central axis) not be any separate entity on their own.

The sketch below is my starting point, and the final sketch is my finishing point for the sketch. I'll let the images do the talking.

Now that I've got a form to work with, I could start coming up with how I was best going top structure the form with correct sizings. This resulted in the sketch below, wehre I figured out a lot of my dimensions. This sketch is by no menas to scale, so the form may still change in dimensions significantly, so that form and size is not the final size by any means.

A bit of a mess, I know. But it works for me and will help maintain an overview when I create my piece in Solidworks.

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