Tuesday, April 23, 2013

INDN 252: Preliminary Photo Ideas

So, the model is finished now, and it's time to start looking at getting some photos done. One of the things that was suggested to me by my tutors was that though this project doesn't seem like a product at first glance, we should really treat it as though it was a product. As a result, I need to look at both function shots and beauty shots.

One of the things that I realised when I took my model to the light table was that the model looked like crap when I put it on the grey-white light table. The reason why, is that the model that I've had printed is not true white. It's got a slight yellowish tint to it, and looks really off when placed on a true white based background. So, one of my first tasks was to find a surface that would make my model look better.

What I found was a slab of concrete. This worked perfectly. The dark, grainy scape allowed my model to really shine and pop. The white of the model still didn't truly look white, but that's okay. It looks different, and more powerful and detailed than when presented on a light table.

I focussed on trying to make the model show off different elements and aspects of what make my model my model. Despite my model being elastic and having significant strength, I managed to get the sharp points to stick into the concrete and actually got the model to stand on end! It looks interesting, the model being flexed and yet it's not being held by anything.

Probably a more functional beauty shot, it's not the most detailed shot in the world, and I could definitely improve on that. The depth of field is rather nice, and the stark contrast of the very black thread to the white model is quite effective. The grainy ground works well to make the model more beautiful.

Another type of photo that I considered was a photo where my hand manipulates the model. This type of photo works quite well, as it shows both scale and usage. The shape I designed fits the hand quite well. It would work best in two hands, but I didn't have two hands free!

Showing the actual motion is rather cool, and really shows the extent of the model's design. I think I need to consider a photo with my hand a little more, though.

Showing all of the model in its rest state works nicely, but I think working on a 3/4 angle (similar to the angle they use when photographing auto mobiles) will give me a better version of this photo.

Things to consider for the next shoot!

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