Monday, April 29, 2013

INDN 252: Ring Concept Development

So, I looked back at my inspiration for the second project, and drew upon some forms I found in futuristic design. Angular facets work alongside the natural curves of biomorphic designs in futuristic scenes. There is structure, most importantly. However this structure is also supported b things that have a large element of controlled randomness going with them.

So, to roll with the project, my first sketch was for something inherently natural, looking cell forms and the forms that bubbles can take when collected together. The hole-filled design feels like a small section of architecture.

Moving forward, I next looked at crystalline forms, with extreme amounts of tessellation and slight chaos combined to create an almost generative structure. This could definitely lead to some very interesting ring structures, and provide heaps of experimental work.

Drawing from architectural inspiration again, for the next three I explored different aspects of what makes futuristic forms actually feel futuristic. The forms that I came up with in these next few came from the various elements of futuristic scenes. One of the things that keeps coming up in futuristic forms is an element of rhythm as well as a deeply considered set of angular lines.

Both of these points are ones that I want to try and capture some of in my rings. I have three rings to design, so there's enough ideas to go around. 

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