Tuesday, May 7, 2013

INDN 252: Final Render & Prints

Well, I've reached the end of another project. There was a bit of drama with the 3-d printing, but we got the prints back this morning. Kind of cutting it fine considering the hand-in is today, but it's not our fault. There were so many people handing in prints, that the machine took well over 12 hours to print everything, and it set us all back.

Fortunately, I had brought everything with me to finish my rings. I had a bit of drama with the leather on the large ring at first, but ultimately had success with it, and it came out looking awesome. The photos really capture the furriness of the leather, and, since this is the element that actually makes this ring work. I'm pleased.

The same, however, could not be said for for my small fit ring. That thing just collapsed around me in an ever expanding pile of crap. The little hooks that I had designed were too flimsy and ALL snapped...leaving me with a serious dilemma. I decided to sand a little dent into the loops around the edge, so that the rubber segment can sit around the smaller, solid section.

But, sadly, that stretching meant that the already thin rubber was starting to tear...all in all, this one has been an absolute disaster. Would not repeat. Would not buy again.

This then leads on to my final render of my perfect fit ring. This one I'm so damn pleased with. I have to say, that is one sexy render. Rather than go for an unrealistic gemstone interior, I went with a titanium inner edge and a silver outer edge, so that the materials are very similar (as they will be the same material when I get them back from Shapeways), but different enough so that the different surfaces are distinguishable enough to separate them.

I'm going to get this ring printed in silver at Shapeways, and will post another blog post when I get that back.

Damn. There's a reason that took 14 hours to render.

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