Wednesday, May 15, 2013

INDN 252: Idea Curating

So, after posing questions to myself in the last post, I felt it was prudent to in this post start collecting some potential ideas for the actual project itself. The very nature of the project is that we should be looking at growing something that will graft onto the human body in some sort of scenario.

One of the ideas that really strongly resonates with me is the idea of combining human anatomy with a robots ability to work in any situation. While we as humans are incredibly adaptable, at the same time, we suffer from a lack of anatomy to help us deal with specific situations. The situations could be things such as underwater survival, or maybe outer space, situations that we were never meant to be in.

Maybe I could design anatomy that would allow us to live in situations where we never could before. Make such technology a part of the body, rather than an external machine that would keep us safe. I could make it something that allows us to transcend evolution and humanity as a weak, puny race.

The spikes on the fingers could enable us to climb to places never before available to us, allowing for our buildings and architecture to change completely in form and design.

The armoured skin could allow us to withstand the radiation pouring through the shrinking ozone layer, allowing us to resist previous exposures to temperatures or impacts that would have destroyed us previously. Perhaps it could almost be an active armour, which only comes into play when we want it to!

Gills or a nasal evolution/alteration would allow us to explore a world and live in a world previously limited to us by technological shortcomings. Having our bodies able to survive on land and in water would be interesting. This could almost evolve into a situation where the human race splits into two sub-races, the water dwellers and the land dwellers. Could make for interesting sci-fi literature.

Maybe the things we really need for anatomy are elements that allow us to directly connect tools to our body. Maybe we could have a bolt connection point in our bodies where we could attach a large variety of tools, making us into walking, talking, thinking tool kit, allowing us to adapt to our situation completely.

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