Sunday, May 26, 2013

INDN 211: Table Talkers And Fancy Pictures

Wow, so it's all done. I'm actually really, really happy with this project. It's not been one of those thing you do at the last minute. It's been something that's been in the work for weeks. I've had the components lying around for the past few days, and putting them all together has been the last little bit to do.

But I'm so pleased with the outcome. And the photos, after a bit of work, turned out just the way I wanted them! 

For the photos, I really wanted to convey a more antique aesthetic. The dark stained wood makes the set feel old, a consideration I wanted to target at the older market. The lighting that's been put in the photo studio recently really makes the pieces feel like a museum piece...which is pretty exciting.

As well as the photos of the product, we also needed to make a poster, detailing the project.

I'll let the photos do the talking now.

1: Collective Apparatus

2: Assembled Apparatus

3: Focused Gripping

4: Minimal Holding Effort

5: Considered Application

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  1. Bazman, this is wonderful work, I never knew you had such talent, I shall stop harassing you (probs won't but the thought counts)
    May the bandana man forever rule,
    Kimby's younger sibling