Friday, May 24, 2013

INDN 252: ...Which Evolves Into Something More...

Now that I've got a plan, I can start ironing out the kinks in the project. One of the things that I've decided to do on the project is slightly re-structure it. Rather than having a device that is purely technological, I was thinking, why not make a device that, at it's heart, has a creature. Maybe the creature isn't very creature-like, but it's definitely got a purpose.

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I was thinking about a symbiotic relationship. The creature could leach energy off you, and in return, it siphons the water out of the air for you. Both benefit, and it gets a safe home and care. The idea of this creature reminded me a lot of the little fish that swim with the bigger fish. It grants them safety, while they keep it clean and free of parasites.

This then made me redesign my actual object. Since I wanted it to be removable, it had to be able to be socketed in and out. This could be done by a few connection points working in various ways. The filter is the primary lock, while the secondary points merely socket the device. The filter also serves as a connection point for the fluids, acting as the gateway for the fluids to leave the top device and be further filtered before being fed into the bloodstream.

Meanwhile, the actual arrangement of the form would as a result change slightly. My thoughts are that the creature would sit on a sort of base layer, allowing it to be removed from its hull. Perhaps at night it has to be taken out and laid in a small tray of mud or something. Something strange.

This arrangement then allows the separate pieces to be removed and split apart. Hopefully it'll work out! On to Solidworks next!

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