Tuesday, May 14, 2013

INDN 252: Inspirational Anatomy

So, for this next project, we have to look at an adaptation of anatomy. The idea is that we create new anatomy that serves as a practical enhancement or a visual improvement. I really like the idea of something that serves a very practical purpose, something that serves a purpose that we currently do not have available.

Maybe it could be something we can't currently do? Possibly an evolutionary path we have yet to reach? Maybe something that is a combination of the two?

Image acquired from: http://assets.sbnation.com

I feel like maybe the "second skin" (the name of the project) could be something to do with how we interact with our world? Perhaps something has happened to the world and we're forced to live with a new grafted section of anatomy that actually allows us to survive? 

Image acquired from: http://www.extremetech.com

Maybe this anatomy is something that is starting to bridge the gap between us as normal humans, and us as bionic cyborgs. Maybe this anatomy is merely the beginning of a technological revolution for us as humans? Or possibly this development is a necessity for us to survive?

Image acquired from: http://www.juliahughan.com

At the same time, the forms could be an aesthetic embellishment. I find the nature of bionics quite a appealing, and as an aesthetic element, they could have massive potential.

Image acquired from: http://api.ning.com

Another option entirely would be to have this anatomy as something that the user could take on or off, allowing them to customise their own appearance and/or functionality. The anatomy could serve as a sort of tool, or possibly it could be a holder for something, a grown pocket of sorts?

Food for thought!

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