Sunday, May 19, 2013

INDN 211: Box & Instructions Development

The box will be a crucial element for this project, as it really ties it all together. Without the box, the pieces will all just lay around randomly. The box will provide a uniting relevance. It will also provide a medium for the explanation and instructions to sit on, allowing people to see the set as a complete, with instructions and diagrams.

The top of the box will have an illustration of the pen tool, as well as the name. You might just be able to see the pieces I'm laser cutting on these pictures, as the lines are very thing, making them hard to see on the white. I find moving my head down and looking up at the screen makes them more visible.

I went with a pretty simple interlocked box design, as this will make the box nice and stable, as well as provide enough space to have a little cross pattern to decorate the sides of the box.

After getting it laser cut, I proceeded to put it together, gluing together the different components. This was messy, and resulted in a lot of glue seeping through gaps. C-c-c-c-craft knife demolition time!

This is looking at the bottom of the box. You can see the slots poking through, as well as the side patterns attached to the box. The box is actually surprisingly stable, given that it's made of 4mm hoop pine ply. I really like the look of the pine too, and once it's varnished it should have a nice shine.

For the lid, I made two separate sections, and then glued them together. The underside of the lid provides more information about the product, as well as serving as an "opening letter" of sorts for when the consumer opens their new present. The etching is really nice and clear, and fulfills it's purpose nicely.

As a final addition, on the last post, I didn't include a look at the most up to date photos of the grips. Well here you are! The black grip against the walnut of the wood looks rather classy. And next to the pine, it looks even darker still. Very nice.

I'm so close to finishing now!!

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