Saturday, May 25, 2013

INDN 252: Creepy Scans...

The easiest way to start working on the form that I want to achieve is to get a 3D model of my face. Now, there are several ways I can do this. The first way would be to scan my face with a Microsoft Kinect, which we have access to. Sadly I didn't get a chance to use that. It has the ability to create a brilliantly accurate topgraphical map of 3d spaces. Very cool.

Another option would be to use alginate to make an impression of my face. Then I could make a plaster mould and measure that cast. This is another workable option

But in stead, I decided to do something even creepier. I decided in stead to use the program 123D Catch made by Autodesk. The way that it functions is it gets you to take multiple photos all the way around something, and then it composes them into a 3D model. Very cool, but it looks very creepy.

Translating this kind of form into something workable is important, because in its current form, it isn't that much use to me. So, my first port of call was to convert the form into a wireframe model. This form I could then use as a baseline model to make up a basic curve to use as my shape for the modelling to take place on.

After altering the format of the file, I could then use that form to generate a standard curve. This standard curve I can then use to initiate the next phase of the design. I can then use those curves in the Solidworks models. Up next, I get CRAZY.

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