Wednesday, May 1, 2013

INDN 252: Developing The One Ring

For me final ring, one of the things I really want to focus on is this idea of a generated structure. I didn't want to make huge amounts of work for myself and try to create something akin to a crystalline structure. This fact I realised after making the model below. While it is a very interesting form, I't versy much driven by an aesthetic and doesn't really show what I'm trying to achieve. I like it for some reasons, but then there are serious flaws with it as a whole.

The idea that I really want to capture with this ring is the idea of the precious element of the ring being hidden from the public. The precious crystalline structure is on the inside of the ring, where you aren't going to see it unless you are on a certain degree of familiarity with the person who wears it. This idea of the hidden crystal clinging onto the finger is what I was really trying to capture.

So, I did some explorations of the kinds of forms that I would want to see in my form. Not knowing where to start, I decided to work from something I knew and understood (at least to a certain degree), namely Blender. I decided that a way I could possibly achieve the effect I was going for would be to simulate interesting liquid dynamics with the resolution of the form turned all the way down, so as to encourage extreme tessellation and crazy forms.

I started out with a ring of water, and then created a point of gravity at the middle, so that the water would all gravitate explosively towards the centre. This went through many, many iterations and formations and alterations of parameters, but eventually I created something that worked in the way I wanted it to.

In this image, you can see the tessellation on the inside really nicely. It was rather messy getting it to this stage, but ultimately I ended up with something that looked like something. Which I'm proud of.

After violently exploding several litres of water, I arrived at a ring formation of water that was explosively erratic enough while still creating some workable forms. Once I had the baseline form, I then stepped in with the sculpting tools and took to the ring, making some of the peaks a little more powerful, while subduing some others that were a little bit over the top.

Here you can see the form with all the edges highlighted. This really shows off the idea that I'm going for a lot more. Most of the form on the outside is going to get chopped off, the only important parts are on the inside of the form.

The idea that I'm pursuing in this ring to a certain degree is rather similar to the large ring in the previous post. The outside of the ring is much simpler than the interior, and again, the aesthetic is on the inside, hidden and special. To not make some sort of crazy deadly torture device, all the surfaces on the inside of the ring that reach out and actually clasp onto the finger have been smoothed off. The ring clasps onto the finger in 4 places, which should make sure that the user can still get the ring over the knuckle, which still ensuring a tight fit.

The outer edge of the band has a very simple double band design. My tutor keeps reminding me that this ring is very much for me, and so I don't need to worry about it fitting the brief as much. Noted. I really like this design though, so that's not a concern.

Now, to start creating some awesomely awesome renders.

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