Tuesday, May 21, 2013

INDN 211: Completed Set!

It's almost there! The project is nearing completion, and I am slowly filling the box to its brim with finished goodies. The grips are all stained and varnished, the box is painted, and the holding section is working well at holding the different pieces in place.

The pieces all sit in there rather nicely, allowing for each piece to be completely visible, while still keeping the box compact and not over-sized. The pieces all get their individual space, while at the same time keeping an order coherent.

The pieces actually work really well together! They form a coherent whole, and I feel the over sized length is quite elegant and allows the pen to balance nicely. Some of the sizes were developed mostly out of intuition, so I'm glad that they worked out nicely. The walnut looks decently aged, while still looking classy enough to be a new product.

And this is the full set! Next, and finally, we'll take a step into the photo studio, to make the piece really shine.

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