Saturday, May 18, 2013

INDN 252: A Spark!

While I was lying in bed last night, an idea came to me. One that I feel might work well for this project. The idea that I had was that there could be a device on people, part of their anatomy, that would allow them to siphon the water out of the air, allowing us to always stay hydrated.

This could be inspired by actual water filtering systems, as well as biological multi-layered systems such as plant leaf structure or other such growths.

The location of the device is something that could essentially be decided quite arbitrarily, but I feel that having the device on the face allows it to almost be something that could become jewellery, making it a prominent feature for the person to play with and customise. The form could therefore be something very important.

I'm going to make a big assumption here and say that the time that this anatomy rises would be some time around the 22nd century. Possibly, the earth's water supplies have all but dwindled, and the only way to get water as an average person is through the air, as this is always being replenished. The form therefore would follow a very futuristic form and series of shapes. Food for thought.

The form itself wouldn't be able to to just be ANY form however, as there would have to be certain elements that always have to be present to allow the item to work. There have to be air intakes, as well as vents for the air to leave again. The form could be extremely function-following, but at the same time, there could still be potential for aesthetic enhancement.

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The water filtration system would have to be multi phase. One of the really cool parts of the system could be that it would completely come off the body, allowing for cleaning of the water filter, making it something that people have to take care of, as if it were there own body, because it is. There could be a removable final filter, allowing the user to just clean that section regularly, not taking the who piece off unless they wanted to.

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