Friday, May 3, 2013

INDN 252: Render! Render!

Now that I have all my rings, I'm able to make a collective render. Assembling the rings, I wanted to really show which one is my ideal fit, while at the same time giving them the materials I wanted to give them if it were possible. So I decided to go all out.

Assembling the rings, I wanted to make it seem like they were all just lying there, as if it were a product shot, but not completely separate so that they have no relation, but as if they were part of a set and properly lying together, as well as leaning on each other.

Ideal materials I'd put on my rings if possible would be silver and sapphire for the perfect ring, silver and red leather for the large fit ring, and white ceramic and black rubber for the small fit one. I chucked on all these materials in the render, and, well, I'll just let the render do the talking, shall I?

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