Wednesday, May 22, 2013

INDN 252: ...Which Becomes A Flame...

The actual shape of the piece would be decided by the underlying structure of the face, as well as my discretion. Heh. The part of the face that I'm targeting the design for is the cheekbones. The bones could provide structure for the constructs, as well as the curve of the face proving a natural form for me to work on.

The blue segments define the section of the face I'm designing for. Just below the eye, the face curves in a relatively linear fashion on the cheekbone. This is my canvas for my work. This is my location, my site, as it were.

At first I started off with something very random and chaotic, just to see what sort of forms would work well for that part of the face. The form could be quite an organic, slim form, or it could take a much more angular, chunky form, juxtaposing against the body, which could be an interesting feature as a whole.

The angular forms could be inspired by the architectural precedent I used in the first project, and could build on the idea of melding human anatomy with with cyborg elements.

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The angular edges build this idea of something that is a spawn of the future. Futuristic technology that aids. In a certain way the technology is reminiscent of a hospital, maybe looking at harsh whites as the primary colour. Then it could possibly utilise blacks as the secondary.

The form could incorporate elements of the body's natural curvature, and use that as the primary curve (we wouldn't want to fight the natural form too much!), and then build on it from there. Perhaps the natural swing of the face could be a vertical as well as a depth element?

Getting the swing right so that it doesn't look trashy is going to be difficult, but I'm sure it'll work nicely. One element I really want to have is the filter coming out and allowing the rest of the form to be removed too. So, the filter is both a lock for the device to fit and stay on the face, as well as a point of release for the inner slide as well.

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One element that I really want to build in is the forms used in a traditional filter, so that there is a link made to normal, everyday devices. The filter here has a rhythmic structure to it, where water is taken, which I think I could use in the form I design.

This is my most appealing concept. The device, when I start designing it, should have an even greater swing in the form than it does here. I like the idea of it being quite small, but still a feature on the face that you would notice. I reckon now I need to refine this concept some more.

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