Thursday, October 11, 2012

DSDN 112: Becoming A Story Writer!

One of the things that I said in my last blog post was about the importance of my video having a decent story. I still definitely stand by this statement as it just engages the user so much more, having characters to choose to like, characters to hate, and the list goes on.

Having my characters in the video deal with human issues and flaws brings them down to the level of the viewer. No long are the characters high and mighty. No longer are the characters untouchable alabaster statues in the Parthenon, no, now they are just like you and I, facing the same trials and issues that we all face.
Bringing in the concept of human error and the consequences of this may be an effective course of action, however, it may also make my characters seem stupid and the viewer may end up looking down on the characters.

The characters will really mostly depend on what kind of video/theme I'm trying to achieve. The gung-ho spy with nothing to lose? That could be a possibility for the Mission Impossible storyline. The stupid nitwit who feels dangerous because of the gun in his hand? Definitely more of a Guy Ritchie thing. The failed actor who moves to a new neighbourhood? That could be a great set-up for a zombie film.

I need to ensure I have strong characters, who maybe aren't necessarily very strong in character, but who powerfully represent certain elements of the human condition and resemble specific character traits.

I need to decide on a story!

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