Thursday, October 4, 2012

DSDN 112: The Geo-Tool

My design, the Geo-Tool presents a unique take on the concept of a navigation system. Rather than working visually via means of a mobile phone or a GPS system, the system is a vision for the future of personalised communication and computing.

My idea stems from many inspirations from video games and popular culture, including the Omni-Tool from Mass Effect and other sci-fi games. The system is projected off your arm via a series of holographic projectors, which display an interactive navigation-based interface on the users left arm.

But I’ve tried to take this design a step further. Rather than limit the use to just one hand, the hand on which it is projected also takes a major role in controlling the system. Another idea that I really wanted to explore was the notion of incorporating natural human gestures into controlling the visibility of the interface to others. When the user moves their arm out towards someone as if they were showing them something, the display becomes public and anyone can view it.

Another idea that I incorporated was a compact version, which is a super-simplified variant of the program showing the arrows to the destination and other points of interest for the user. This design is meant to feel like stepping back into reality a bit and basing the idea off a compass concept.

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