Thursday, October 18, 2012

DSDN 104: Photo Favourites!

Now that I've taken my photos, it's time to narrow it down to the best of the best. The images that I want to achieve are images that show hidden elements of the model, as well as shots that display the general theme and inspiration for the images.

This shot here shows some of the craft that I built in to the model. For the outer main legs of the model, I sanded them soft and like frosted glass, while the inner struts I sanded lightly along the "grain" of the 3-D printer. I tried to show that off in this shot.

Trying for a more elongated shot, I wanted to capture the vertical height as well as improve the overall composition of the previous shot.

This shot explores the concept of rhythm in the Hepta-Knot. The heptagonal design results in a consistent rhythm around the models exterior and interior.

Experimenting with different lighting, I tried illuminating the model from behind, which gives it a totally different feel. I actually find that it cheapens the model a little bit, because I associate the white plastic look with the cheaper 3-D printers that are available to us.

For this shot, I explored the connection between the model and it's design. My sketchbook was the perfect backdrop to achieve the connection of the model and the maths behind it.

Trying to capture the sense that was achieved in my most recent render, I wanted to duplicate some of the inherent translucency of the models materiality.

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