Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DSDN 104: The Second Coming Of The Cube Monster

So the next form that I've taken from the cuboid structures is another one that is a little bit simple, but it's really powerful at the same time. There is an odd sense of power around this cube-shaped form.
Forming it from 1000 cubes and taking away some feels really iterative, which is the main these behind this branch of forms/models.

I developed the model in Sketchup for simplicity's sake, and then translated it into 3dsMax. Once I had the model in 3ds, I decided to go wild with materials and made a scene that worked well. I decided that often my chrome forms haven't really felt like metal at all, so I applied a foreign material to the plane, namely a stone texture. This input of colour livens up the scene completely and allows the model to sing.

I placed lights in such a way that they would reflect from the internal spaces on the model. This allows the model to seem like it's glowing, an aesthetic that I think is fantastic. It feels powerful and almost sinister.

On the flip side, I also think this model wouldn't look out of place as a seat or bench in a city somewhere, where it could light up at night.

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