Thursday, October 4, 2012

DSDN 104: Trial & Trepidation

After hours and hours of work, I finally managed to hand a file in today that worked, with zero errors. That said, as soon as I came home and opened up the file on my computer and ran the check again, the file came up as having 8'000 errors. (Insert expletives here) So it's back to the drawing board for now. I'm going to keep slaving on this model, because it is definitely my favourite out of all of mine so far, tied with the Hepta-Knot.

On the upside though, I did manage to get a pretty sweet render of my model, using the chrome material that I really like and implemented many times successfully in the past. Interestingly though the texture of the hexagons on top is a little bit lost due to the light patterns. However the overall form comes through really well.

So after much work (at least 8 hours), I managed to delete all of the visible excess lines, which I believe were causing some of the main problems with my errors. So I cleaned up all of the excess. Another problem that I tried to solve was making all the faces the same and face the correct way, due to the way computers compute the sides.

But sadly, all of these fixes still resulted in a model that wouldn't work. The frustration level is over 9000. So I went to my second favourite model, the Hepta-Knot. This baby was designed straight in Solidworks, so I know it will work. Ultimately it also goes with my initial precedents much more successfully, showing the illusion of a 2-D impossibility, while becoming a 3-D reality.

Definitely 3-D printable!

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