Sunday, October 28, 2012

DSDN 112: Time Lords & Re-Voicings

One of the elements that I ended up having to redo for my video was the voices, so I needed to re-record them and overlaying them over the other sounds. However, to combat the video then being nearly completely silent except for the voice, I needed to keep the main original track, so that the ambient noise was still there.

Otherwise, things would sound a little bit unnatural. The drawback of that was that I needed to do a really good job of lining up the audio. Sadly, due to human error and how we talk, the voices didn't always line up, so there are a few moments where you can hear the original audio...but oh well. Not ideal.

Another thing that I had to sort with sounds is the noise that is heard when Skye portals in from the present and then when she returns there. Since Skye is a time traveler, the noise needed to be suitably Science-Fiction-y.

I found this sound by Sibegg on, which I think will work quite well! However, the way I have decided to do the portalling is have it occur with a white flash on the screen, so I'll reverse the sound and have it build up to that point.

Sibegg's sound:

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