Monday, October 1, 2012

DSDN 104: A Hexagonal Staircase...

The next design that I created for the hexagons branch of my design tree focuses much more on the internal space of the model rather than that exterior form. The whole central structure is aligned to the outer hexagon that makes up a frame and wall of sorts, which allows the internal structure to be formed.

This design almost feels like it could be something architectural, focussing on the internal development of the space as a whole. Spiral staircases anyone? Could be something off Hogwarts.

The braces across the middle are to enhance the internal structure as well as brace the outer walls against damage.

One of the really cool things I found about this model was its wireframe in the side on view when it was imported into 3dsMax. I love the symmetry about this model, and the way that despite the lack of an external structure per se, the model is still intricate in its own special way.

Interestingly, this model actually rendered really well. The chrome makes the internal structure reflect heavily and show most of the surfaces twice, which I think is really cool. The internal structure makes the model feel really special and precious, and in a way reminds me of a geode. The outside is plain and boring and it looks like any plain old rock, but when you open it up, that's when the true majesty of it is revealed.

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