Wednesday, October 3, 2012

DSDN 142: Why Classes?

So, apparently classes will assist significantly for the plant creation, because it would allow me to create something very specific many many many times over, kind of like arrays, but allowing many more elements to be defined much better.

I also need to look as to how to apply some techniques as to how to generate plant grother that looks reasonably accurate. I don't want it to look photorealistic, for obvious reasons, and I want it to feel like it belongs in the scene. So in a way it has to be stylised, but not ridiculously so.

So yes, figuring out just how plants grow is going to be essential. On the other hand though, I don't want to be creating a fractal tree. Those are littered all over the internet. I'll definitely have to incorporate elements of a fractal tree, but on the whole it will definitely have to be something that still feels like it could be real.

I definitely have to convey the truth of the growth in the plant. It's got to be something people can relate to and feel like they need to care about. It's all about creating a relationship for the user to cherish. The plant therefore needs to feel vulnerable and unprotected. The user can't just look at it and then say "Oh, that's just a useless worthless piece of grass.". That wouldn't be what I'm going for at all.

But anyways, I'm still getting my head around classes.

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