Wednesday, October 24, 2012

DSDN 112: Orchestration

So, today was filming day! A lot was accomplished, many laughs were had, and general shenanigans were perpetrated. I felt like Steven Spielberg, directing my camera and actress around and telling people what to do. I'd quite like to work in the film industry to be honest...

Setting up the very first scene, looking at how best to initiate the film. Working with the elevator as the time machine was seen as the best option for my planned story.

Skye was going to essentially drop from mid-air for the arrival in the future, so we shot her jumping and landing, so that I could cut out the first half and just have her falling.

One of the problems that has arisen out of filming with a built-in microphone is that the voices from the video are drowned out by the ambient noise of Te Aro, which results in almost inaudible speaking. Looks like I'll need to re-record the voices so I can overlay them over the top.

We used one of the podiums that are used for display in the atrium for the Geo-Tool. The First Year Studio was sadly unavailable due to it being set up for an exhibition, so we used a whole range of different locations to the ones I scouted out in one of the previous blog posts.

Adding humour into the video became one of the main missions for the day. Having Skye fool me and actually turn to the camera meant that she was suddenly, unexpectedly engaging the viewers, which in my opinion makes you feel like you're also in on the joke.

The android was meant to be a bit stupid, as well as significantly less capable than a human, and Skye was meant to exploit that. No-one here is really good or bad, just one character is more stupid that the other.

We attempted to get a lot of decent shots of Skye using the interface, so that it was something that could be well incorporated into the video. I want it to feel like something that is integrated into the video, rather than just added to be clever.

The chase, or the second half of the film was meant to be the funny part, incorporating the ultimate demise of the android.

Hopefully, humour will carry my at present lacking skills at special effects.

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