Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DSDN 104: Lighting Render Experiments

In accordance with the law that is the weekly schedule, I have started to experiment with a set of different rendering techniques. One of the things that I've often looked at in my previous renders is the idea of strong shadows working to conceal or reveal certain elements of the models.

Again, this use of the light can also conceal or revel elements of the material choices as well. The structure of the models as models as well as in relation to each other is crucial in these decisions. I have however finally managed to decided on 3 final models which is great.

The first one is the first model from the cuboid set, where I explored the notion of the transformed individual, extruding and making extensive use of patterns of design on the form.

The second model is the Hepta-Knot, where I played with the idea of the model generating a 2-D form that looks impossible, but then making a 3-D possibility.The clean simplicity and rhythm of this model make it a clear favourite.

The third model explored the notion of the many making up the one. The hexagonal grid forming the texture or lattice for the individual hexagons of the spiral to be made of, which then form their own massive hexagon in the whole model when viewed from the top. The ideas of this meta-information making up a larger entity is very enticing.

For the first 3 renders, I kept the models in exactly the same position, and only manipulated the lights to create a myriad of different effects and emphases. The strong shadows and the simple standard materials on the models actually make all these renders very successful in their own right. I really like the monochromatic clean-ness of the models.

This first render has the light placed just above the central model, casting strong shadows away from the central model. Giving it a clear hierarchy, the shadows make the model feels larger and more signifcant than the other two. The obvious strength of the shadows draw the eyes up towards the central model.

Creating a certain power, a feeling of energy and strength, this render has the light inside the main model, casting the light outwards in sharp shapes, obscurintg the other models in heavy shadows. The key part of this shot is that the main model is stillvery visible, but has the ultimate position of power in the render. The main model in a sense has the power of the sun in its control.

For this render, I wanted the cube on the left to feel like some sort of chalice for the light, and what's been achieved is a scene that almost feels like the sun is rising. The long shadows makes it feel like early in the morning. The thing I love the most about this render is the reflective quality of the standard material and how it has the dappled reflection of light between the cuboid model on the left and the main model in the middle.

Trying out a different arrangment, this render gives no special significance to any of the models. The way they are arranged feels a little haphazard, but that is intentional. This arrangment feels like the models have just been caught doing something bad, and are glaring back into the bright light of the torch.

Now, on to some material experiments!

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