Friday, October 5, 2012

DSDN 142: A Refined Scene

So, after the interim presentation, one of the things that came out as a critique was the slight lack of congruency between my design for my sun, and the design for what is now a hill. I've decided to ditch the asteroid idea that I had before, since it feels a little bit contrived. One of the things I've also decided that aren't going to work for me is the idea of having the stars in the background lighting up the night sky.

Having that amount of stars refresh every sixtieth of a second would cause massive performance issues, and boy it did. So the stars have been scrapped from the code, and replaced with a much more simple black background.

Since another issue was a bit of a lack of  congruencies between my designs, I decided to abandon the smooth gradient of my hill and make it similar to the stars, resulting in a definite designed similarity. The design definitely feels much more thought out now, which is definitely beneficial.

Another element I decided would be a good idea to implement would be a splash of colour to the suns. This immediately livens up the scene and makes it feel more alive and successful as a place for things to grow. This should play with the human perception of what situation is ideal for their precious plant to grow in.

I also flicked around with the colour of the hill, which is a much more inviting green colour The main reason for changing the colour was because the brown was ridiculously tricky to get looking good on a variety of computer screens. It would always come out more yellow on one and then more red on another screen.

Green seems to be a lot more consistent, so for those reasons I've revamped the hill, and the slight yellow tint makes the suns feel slightly warmer.

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