Tuesday, October 16, 2012

DSDN 104: Final Render Developments

So, now that I've got my composition nailed, I can start perfecting my rendering. I've decided to go with a material that best emulates the material that the actual model is made of in real life. Sadly I'm having to create that material myself, so we'll see how it goes!

Compos Render 1
This first render is the ideal sort of colour I want for my main model. It's pretty much the colour my model has come out as, the only problem being though that this material isn't transparent at all, which is a bit of an issue, considering my model is pretty much translucent.

Compos Render 2
This render shows the main model is now a lot more transparent, however it's pretty much lost any semblance of colour, and it's also letting a lot more light through than I want it to. The light is completely splashed all over the sides of both of the other models, and they seem to lose a certain degree of their depth, too.

Compos Render 3
This render here is definitely starting to head down the right track. The material is sort of starting to take on the shade that I want, and the amount of light starting to fall through is really good. However, it's still got a bit of a grain to it, and doesn't really have the frosted glass look that I'm going for at present.

Compos Render 4
This one is almost there. The colour is perfect, and the transparency is jsut right. However, the surface is still too damn reflective! A frosted-feeling model shouldn't be reflecting like that at all.

Compos Render 5
Ahhhh...now this is what I'm looking for! That render could quite literally be the actual model sitting there. I'm actually very lucky that I managed to get the material to this point! However, for the final render, I want the proportions to feel even more stretched, so I think I'll pull the top edge of the render down a tiny bit, just to pull the models up the frame a little and make the image feel even wider.

Final Render
I pretty much maxed out all all the settings for this render. And it really does look amazing, but I feel like I've cropped away too much of the top layer now. The image feels a little bit short. So for my final final render, I'll give it a little more in height, but not as much as was had before. I also get an ever so slight vibe that the image isn't centred and that the shadows at the bottom of the image aren't quite parallel. So, some minuscule things to fix up for the ultimate render!

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