Monday, October 15, 2012

DSDN 112: The Future Can Be Better

So, today in class we presented our storyboards and told our tutor groups our idea for our short video clip. Mine was met with relative glee. People thought it was a really novel and less blatant-product-explanation approach to the whole project.

The robot character was one of the elements that people really liked. The idea of a shitty future was rather amusing as well, however, the general consensus was that the concept felt unfinished, which I definitely agree with. The idea that the robot could then start chasing the user and the user could then use my device to escape and find their way back into their own time was thrown out there.

So I decided to significantly extend the length of my video to include an element about how the user then steals the tech "the only cool thing the future has", which then evolves into an awesome chase sequence with the shitty cardboard android running after the hero, shouting "EXTERMINATE" as he chases them. Meanwhile the hero uses the Geo-Tool to escape the android and then make their way back to a time machine that transports them to their own time, where the Geo-Tool promptly blue-screens and ceases to work, to the hero's obvious frustration.

Next, the script!

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