Monday, October 29, 2012

DSDN 112: Final Video!

So, it's that time! Done with everything, I composed the video in Premiere, brought it into After Effects, added my special effects, brought it back into Premiere, added re-recorded voices over the top, added my sounds, then re-exported. And now it's here!

Travelling 10 years into the future, our heroine seeks to discover what has been invented by then, however she is sorely disappointed by the encountered future, meeting an android with a penchant for extermination, while she herself has nefarious intentions with stolen technology. Presenting my navigation interface, the story was mostly created on the day of filming.

People to thank:

Skye Webb: For being a patient and very capable main actress.
Mark Lindsay: For being an efficient and inspirational camera man.


Mostly self recorded.
Time Portal Sound used courtesy of Sibegg, acquired from:

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