Wednesday, October 10, 2012

DSDN 104: Extricating The Model!

Ahhhh! I finally received my model back. A small, yellow blob of jelly-ish nothing. It looks rather insignificant when you first get it back, but the cool thing is you know that somewhere inside that blob, your resin-based model is hidden.

So I first started getting the model out by scraping at it with my fingernails through the little plastic bag it came in. Oddly satisfying and grungy, seeing the jelly material fall away from ones model is very pleasing.

This is as far as I got using my fingernails on the model. You can already start to see the form being revealed around the edges. As soon as you reach the actual model, you notice an immediate difference through the texture and hardness of the surface, so it's much easier than it looks.

The jelly material falls away as this odd crumbly matter that still has a jelly texture to each one of the pieces. It's a hell of a mess to clean up, so containing the mess is very important.

And this is what the model looks like just prior to going into the sodium hydroxide solution. This solution will get rid of any excess jelly that is difficult to remove from the surface by hand. The form is now very very clear to see, and now it's simply a waiting game!

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