Friday, October 12, 2012

DSDN 112: The Elusive Story-Beast!

At the beginning of today I came up with a few ideas for videos showing off my flash program, however, my tutor raised some concerns with the ideas and how they would tie into the actual showcasing of the video, and admittedly, after telling my tutor group about the ideas, they seemed a little silly and pointless and that I would do them because I could.

So I decided to come up with something a bit more relevant. Since my project is based around future tech, I decided the best way of presenting my technology would be to have it in a future setting. That said, however, I would like to make a video that isn't really trying to be a serious future. I actually want to have a lot of fun with this project, because I believe that that is totally within the realms of possibility.

The idea that I have revolves around a hero who gets into a time machine and travels to the future. Once the has reached this future, he encounters a robot-cyborg man who informs him that he is in what the hero would refer to as "the future". The hero finds himself amazed that he is standing face to face with a cyborg. However, there is one problem, the future is really, really shitty. It's been 30 years, but relatively nothing has changed.

The cyborg explains this to the hero in a really depressing way, and the hero finds himself ever more depressed and bored of this supposed future. However the hero's hopes are spurred on when he finds out that there is one piece of technology that is actually rather cool. Despite boring notions of energy efficiency and crappy cardboard cyborgs, the future may still have some hope in it.

The new technology is the Geo-Tool, and the cyborg seems almost proud of it, but then returns to his depressed state. The hero immediately perks up at this idea of a novel technology that might not suck. They approach a podium where the technology is held, and the hero then proceeds to ask if he can try the technology out. The cyborg agrees, and then the hero tries on the gauntlet that will project the application.

Once the hero has it, he immediately makes a run for it, and the cyborg shouts after him!

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