Thursday, October 18, 2012

DSDN 142: Final Alterations

Wish hand-in now looming, the project has taken on a significant amount of changes. Once of the things that I was told about my project was that the tree simply wasn't a big enough feature. It lacked a degree of prominence that would elevate it to the next level.

I solved this lack of presence by means of  adding leaves into the element of the trees growth. Once it splits into different branches, the leaves begin to appear. I tried some leaves that were attached to the branch, but they were far too regular and it looked really, really bad. So I made them a little bit more random and also much smaller, so that they added to the overall tree shape, as well as what a tree generally feels like in our minds.

Another element that I incorporated was a background that seems far more becoming of a tree-on-a-hill-in-sunlight. Having a background steeped in darkness just doesn't seem right. I wanted to try and have a dawn-type change, but ended up running out of time and knowledge of how I could alter my code to allow for a background that refreshed in the draw function.

Another thing that I added was a sort of ultimate goal for the user. Despite the fact that we were warned to not go for an interaction that has a definitive end, I kind of think it seems like it should for mine. The tree matures, and then if the user wants they can destroy the trees leaves and flowers. So ends the trees instance of life.

For the flowers, I wanted to create something that is both subtle and simple, so it doesn't immediately become a ridiculous feature. I want it to be a part of the tree, not something that overrides the tree in terms of importance.
So I created these little puppies. Okay so maybe they aren't puppies. But they're pretty cute.

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