Friday, September 21, 2012

DSDN 112: Designed Models

Having completed the wireframe, the design of these pieces stemmed predominantly from the sketches I did in the post two posts ago. I traced the shape of the hand here, so that I could fit my design to the actual medium of the hologram.

While these designs are successful to a degree, I still mean to work on the aesthetic. The actual design is still rather sloppy, especially with the word-title integration. My only real excuse for this is time constraints, but still, definitely a lot to improve on from here on out.

The different option screens here are (Top-right) the main menu, (Bottom-right) the navigation menu, and (Top-left) the compact menu. Since the compact menu would be held as shown, the time switches from the thumb to the wrist, to be more like a watch. One thing I definitely need to re-evaluate though is how the functions available in compact mode would be displayed. Because at present you have to tilt your head, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a compact mode.

These screens here would be the sub-function of the navigation menu "View Local Area". The top screen shows how the map would then become visible on the arm, and then the bottom screen shows how a "Display Restaurants" function is activated, and the has the restaurants overlaid on the map.

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