Wednesday, September 26, 2012

DSDN 104: Material Precedents

So, for this project, we also have to scout out some interesting material precedents. Since I'm looking at using strong patterns and geometric forms to create my model, for the material choices right now it might be really nice to offset that geometric perfection with some more visually interesting materials.

The sand dunes in this image are very interesting, as the shading on them provides a distinct element of depth and gives the 2-D image implied form. The shapes formed in the sand by the wind and weather feel like they could be at the bottom of the ocean, and while they are anything but geometrically perfect, they still provide a very intriguing material pattern.

In contrast, this material here is totally geometric. Amplifying the geometry of the form with a geometrical material, while possibly a bit of a double up, may actually assist the geometric form in creating the sense I want to achieve.

This material here is just awesome. I love the night randomness of its creation. I'm not even sure what it actually is. Actually, I just found out it's been done on paper, via "mark-making". It could be rust for anyone else without knowing. The wash of colours is really great, and it just carries a much more chaotic feel than either of the previous two.

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This texture harks back to a little bit more of structure, however, saying that, the stones are all different shapes and size, and this makes the pattern and materiality of it quite interesting. Looking at this surface, this would be something that I'd like to walk on. It's smooth and yet chaotically rough at the same time.

While I did use this form for my actual precedents, I think it's also very relevant to a materials choice. The geometry of this overlaid on a rendered model would be a lot more forgiving than the squares of the previous geometric material. The variation in tones also means that this material would be more interesting as a texture.

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