Thursday, September 27, 2012

DSDN 142: Enhancing and Furthering

So, since I've got my sun creation under control, I now turn to combining the different elements I have so far for the interim hand in. So far I've managed to combine the sun and the asteroid surface, which surprisingly wasn't nearly as easy as I anticipated.

Another problem I had to overcome, which is actually quite a basic, simplistic element of the code, was understanding why when I wanted to activate the saveFrame() function, it wouldn't work quite as expected.
The realisation that it was just an extremely simple element of the arrangement of my code actually made me feel quite stupid.

I've slightly adjusted the height of the arcs at the bottom that form the planet, because I want to give the plant more space to grow and I want to give the user more room to create suns with.

This is the current look and feel of the space. I am a little bit disappointed with the colour of the planet on this screen though, because on my screen at home, the planet is much browner, which is what I want. Damn RGB incongruencies...

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