Friday, September 28, 2012

DSDN 142: Storyboarding The Solar System

So, since for the interim hand-in I haven't got completed code, I have come up with a storyboard detailing how I want the interaction to progress. I want the plant to feel really vulnerable and quite delicate, so the user has a feeling of resposibility for the little 2-D creation.

Storyboard 1
At first the plan grows very slowly, because there is no light around. The little things grows and shows its meagre beginnings.

Storyboard 2
The user creates the first suns, and night on immediately, the palnats growth accelerates. A noticeable change happens in growth too, since the plants now starts to grow to the nearest, largest sun. I branches off at randm points, so as to seemingly attain even more sunlight.

Storyboard 3
The more suns are created, the faster the plant grows. It reaches high into the heavens to get closer to the precious sunlight. The conditions are almore right for the plant to bloom. It jsut needs a little bit more light and then it will be perfect.

Storyboard 4
A perfect sun! A large celestial being that will provide tremendous amounts of energy before it expires! The plant reaches higher and higher as the user with the cun-creating hand lets the sun grow. The plant has enough energy now to sprout a flower and maybe some leaves.

Storyboard 5
And it blooms! The plant can create what it has always wanted to create! It seeks the light with its petals, and the little leaf harvests all the solar rays it can.

Storyboard 6
But no! What is this! A burning celestial entity has been created half way down the stem, and the plant begins to be cooked. Slowly as the solr rays reach the critical point its stem turns to ash and the plant disentegrates. But from the ashes of one plant, another is born.

Full Storyboard

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