Tuesday, September 25, 2012

DSDN 142: Enhancing the Radial Gradient

So, after intense work with my tutor, we managed to combine my solar entity creation function with an array,  so that it would allow for multiple suns to be created at any one time.

One of the main problems we had was getting the system to reset the value for the size of the sun each time a new one was created. In the end we solved this and have 4 arrays that decide the creation of suns. This now allows the user to completely create each sun from the beginning. The suns still slowly get smaller and smaller, and then disappear. It's great. :D

They looks really good as a collective too, and now I've just got to combine them into the environment. Another step on the list of doom down! 

They almost remind me of colourless fireflies! Or maybe a parade of alien spaceships.

They have an omnipresence in a way, a feeling of silent watching and waiting. And also they still seem like they are moving to me.

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