Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DSDN 104: Sketch Model Number 6 & Colour Inspiration!

For this little sketch model, I really tried to experiment with the nature of the glass paint and how I could apply it in a really subtle way but still have it have a considerable impact on how the model would look. Rather than painting directly onto the face of the acrylic, as would seem logical, I decided to try painting onto a few pieces of scrap acrylic and painting the inside of some negative space that I created using a bit of stacking.

The images above go with the theme of "frozen" that I'm trying to achieve. A glacier tends towards heavy blue & turquoise tones, and so these colours would be ideal for the look that I'm trying to create.

Painting each piece of the acrylic individually allowed me to get the paint right into the gaps and ensure that the paint wasn't smeared onto the face on the acrylic. Now, rather than getting a huge splash of colour on the  face of the acrylic, the lines are very subtle and fine. However, when viewed along the edges of the acrylic, then the magic comes in. What was night invisible before is now very prominent and a huge feature. The blue gives a transparent layer on the acrylic that refracts through the acrylic in really interesting ways. Often the blue is visible from odd points in the model, where the vision is not in line with the layer of paint.

This is due to the phenomenon of refraction and often the blue bounces around on the inside of the acrylic, giving the material a totally different vibe.

Definitely going to apply this to my model.

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