Sunday, September 16, 2012

DSDN 142: A New Hope...

So, I've had some brainwaves as to for what to do for my project, a bit of an advance on my last little preliminary sketches. The idea that I've come up with is a little more fun and is dependant on a bit of a different sort of control & interaction.

The idea that I've had is a little inspired by the short French novel "Le Petit Prince" (The Little Prince). This little prince lives on an asteroid and he has to defend his little asteroid from the "Baobob" trees that grow there.

However, rather than destroying the trees that grow unrequested, I want the user to grow these little things that spring up out of the planet. I want the user to feel a little bit attached to the plants in a way. But rather than manipulating the trees through the mouse, I want the user to provide what is the nourishment of the plants.

The user will have the ability to create miniature suns for the plant to grow towards. The longer the user holds down the mouse button, the larger the suns get, and therefore the longer they last. Because stars have a limited amount of fuel, the suns will fade with age and then cease to exist. The plants won't die without the sun, but their growth with be significantly increased when there is a sun in proximity.

Also, the plants will grow towards the suns if they are present. However, if the sun is too close to the plants and it touches the plant, the plant will burn and die. This is a problem that the user will realise if they are careless. Another function that I want to build into the program is that when the plant receives enough sunlight, it will bloom or grow leaves.

I want to create a sense of commitment to the "life" and to raise a question about what is life?

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