Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DSDN 104: Almost There! ...Choices From Shoot 2...

So I'm almost there now. The end is almost in sight. I managed to refine my picks down to six images for this, and I also discovered that the submission requirements are for a minimum of one image, so I'm going to submit three. Three is a good number and can show the different elements of the model that I'm trying to convey.

The primary element I want to convey is a sense that the model is frozen for a moment inside the materials, and that these materials are only holding it in stasis for the briefest of moments. That's the main reason why I've chosen the colours that I have. Blue speaks of a water and ice, while the turquoise feels a little more free.

Encapsulating the model in the black card was meant to seem a bit like the bit in Star Wars where Han Solo gets frozen in Carbonite, while the acrylic is meant to be more glacial.

Both of those analogies are temporary, since Han Solo is freed and glaciers move and eventually melt. So the model escapes. I'm almost expecting it to no longer be there when I come back from uni one day.

The caustics in this photo, while very very subtle, are still really beautiful. The problem with my prior final image was that the bolts had far too high an impact on the photo, while in here the colour of the model feels far superior.

This photo feels a little bit better than the last one, since it's a little bit lighter, and the bolts don't have such a strong prevalence. The model fading into the darkness at the back I feel is also a rather nice touch.

Going for a side-on view this time, the model almost resembles some form of monolith, maybe like the one in 2001: A Space Odyssey. The blue holds a certain power, and almost seems to glow. I just love the way the different colours of blue spiral around each other. The bolts however seem to ground the design firmly in reality and give it a chunky, earth-bound feel.

And then interestingly this model provides bit of a contrast and paints the model as looking much more delicate. The acrylic feels really light here and you can't really see it in some areas of the model. And then the black in the back, being out of focus, still feels more powerful and grounding.

Trying out another side, this one shows the actual open points in the acrylic, and the colours are a little more irregular. Not amazing, but the light is a little bit better compared to the other side-on-view.

This one is probably the best side-on view out of all of them. The colours are great, and the black is light enough to still be defined. The thing I love about this photo is you can see the flow of the model. The more pastel blue flows down from the right in the acrylic and then loops under the other part in the card and up to the top at the back on the left, while the turquoise/azure path goes from the right down and then back up in the acrylic, before looping over and in front of the other path in the card.

Choosing three really shouldn't be too hard!

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