Thursday, September 27, 2012

DSDN 104: Another Model

So, I've been working on the first proper model for 104, and this is it. Continuing on from my model of before, exploring the exposition of something impossible in 2 dimensions that works in 3-D. I created this little sucker here, which would be an absolute nightmare to create in anything other than 3-D printing.

Despite the fact that it was really tricky to achieve and the angles I was working with were tricky at the best of times, I actually really really enjoyed making this little model. There's something about creating something that might be 3-D printed and actually be physical in your hand that is just so flipping cool.

So, I came up with this concept of a pentagon-shaped design, where the shape would look impossible from above, but when applied to a form that is made in 3-D, it's totally feasible.

So I took my sketch and my measurements and translated them into Solidworks. The result here is quite impressive! I also enhanced the shape with some beams that bisect the shape.

Here the view from the side shows the shape is very much possible in 3-D. Another surprise was that I was able to achieve it without any of the main pieces intersecting! In a way that actually really surprised me because I had a huge expectation that it would cause issues.

To test out how the models might render, I then took them into 3dsMax, and applied some materials, lighting and situations, as well as some modifiers. 3dsMax is a fantastic tool, and it's actually amazing how great it can make your models look. 

Here I took the base model and applied some lighting and a glass material. Because hey, I just love glass in 3dsMax along with the caustics it generates. This is the unaltered model, aside from an applied material.

After the standard model, I tried experimenting a bit and twisted and tapered my model to give it a bit more interest factor. It suits, but I actually almost like the unaltered, more geometric model a lot better. Don't get me wrong, I love this one too! But the other one just feels more like the look I've been trying to achieve.

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