Sunday, September 16, 2012

DSDN 104: First Photoshoot Picks!

 So out of the previously mentioned photoshoot, I decided to choose some favourites that I would use for my final submission.

The brief says one photo, so I'm presuming we're only meant to submit one photo as our final submission, along with our render. To try and narrow it down, I've chosen four photos from the photoshoot, all of which I think are rather cool, for their own special reasons. 

This photo shows off some great light, and highlights the element of internal space of the model, which in my eyes is a critical and vital component to appreciate.

This compares to looking down the barrel of a gun to me. The screws form a good level of symmetry, and they draw your eyes down along to the mess of lines that form the internal space on the acrylic.

This one here is starting to feel more like the render, which is very much what I'm trying to achieve. I want to make the caustics an integral part of the photo, since I went to such pains to create them in the original model.

This one here is a very good advance on the previous favourite. The composition is replicating the render to an extent, which is something I definitely want to achieve. The caustics are effective, and I also managed to achieve the effect of having the model look like it was floating rather well. It stands well next to the render, and I believe is a worthy choice for the final submission.

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