Friday, September 21, 2012

DSDN 142: The Environment!

Since I'm starting to actually develop the code now, I decided I would make my life significantly easier and break down all the components I need to get done for this project to work. This strategy was suggested to me by my tutor, because it's easier to develop the code segments individually than it would be to develop them all together.

The pieces that I need to develop are:
-The Environment (Setting)
-The Radial Gradient (For the sun aesthetic)
-The Array System (For sun creation)
-The Plant System (For plant growth)
-The Sun-Plant Interaction (Distance tracking, growth alteration)
-The Flowering System (Distance-time tracking, growth alteration, aesthetics)
-The New Plant System (New plant creation)

And yes, these are pretty much arranged by difficulty... Yay. But I have to start somewhere, so I started with the top thing on the list. The environment, drawing from my inspiration of the Little Prince, is going to be set in space on an asteroid.
So, I started working out the basics of the environment, as in the background and how it would look aesthetically. One thing that I really want to do is have an elongated, portrait-oriented screen, since the whole thing is about growth, so there needs to be plenty of space vertically for the plant to grow.

I created a little nested for-loop for the stars in the background, and then made a huge circle in the bottom end that is the planet. One thing I think I might try is to add a gradient onto the planet, It might make it look a little more realistic. A splash of colour might be nice too, although the black and white aesthetic is rather pretty!

I added some fun colour to the planet, which makes it feel a little bit more real and tangible. I wanted to capture the idea of a sun rising over the edges of the planet, and giving it a shadow side, caused by a separate sun we can't see. The browns still feel very red though. Since I'm going for something a little bit more stylised, the colours I choose will be absolutely crucial.

Here I too the brown into a much more brown territory, away from the red a little. This definitely benefits. I also made the stars a little bigger and a little bluer. I think I may have made them a little too blue now though, so for the actual scene I will roll that blueness back a little.

But yeah, this is my scene! :)

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