Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DSDN 112: Colour Play!

So, since I'm about to start my design, I need to look at some colour sequences that will work. I found some images that really inspired me in terms of colour, and drew inspiration from them for the colour choices.

The green in this futuristic armband phone is really strong, and I think will really go with the theme I want to explore. The use of a variation of shades for the interface is really simple but works really well.

Image acquired from:

This colour scheme is also rather effective, as the blue feels really futuristic, and it provides a really interesting basis for the icons on the screen. This works for the overall design rather nicely.

So, after extracting some of the colours from these images, I combined them in different ways and came up with four different colour palettes. Each one has a totally different feel to it and has different strengths.

This one is one of the more balanced palettes of the lot. It draws from a nice cross-section and explores both the blue and the green as a main medium. The brightness of the green is supported and slightly subdues by the blue.

This green is slightly acidic, and very sore on the eyes. Especially contrasting with the black right next to it, I wouldn't really say this one is ideal for a user interface at all.

This palette is very pastel, and none of the colours are overly bright. That said, the central colour is definitely inherently the emphasis colour. It's brighter and a little more lively than the others. The monochrome colours on the left help create a selection that is very nice on the eyes.

I tried escaping the greens in this one. The blue works quite nicely on its own, using just a slight variation in shade to achieve a balance and emphasis. It works well together, and is also very akin to the colour palette I used in the last 101 project last trimester.
I'll decide on which to use when I put them into action!

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