Saturday, September 15, 2012

DSDN 104: First Assembly

After spraypainting the card, and filing down the bolts, I'm finally ready to assemble the project for the first time!

I've left the last protective layer on the acrylic, because I want to ensure that it won't get damaged before I take my photos and before I hand it in.

I'm really really pleased with how it looks. Sadly the bolts are aever so slightly too long, so I'll need to trim the ends off with a hacksaw. Not a problem.

It looks really clever having the negative space in the acrylic transition to the positive space in the card. It's very effective, and I think will really carry across the idea that my model is frozen for a brief instant in the materials before it carries along its way.

I especially like the way the light shatters through the acrylic and shows the curves of the internal spaces as they loop around each other.

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