Monday, September 24, 2012

DSDN 142: Plant Growth Precedents

 So, the most difficult part of this interactive project is going to be creating the code for the plant that tracks where suns are, since I have to create some sort of algorithm for the plant growth, connected to a sort of distance meter, telling it to grow towards the light. It's going to be tough.

So rather than stress about that, I decided I would visit OpenProcessing and have a look at the masters of coding. That way I can just tell myself how awesome there stuff is and how I'll never make it to that level.

Spiral Growth by Sasa Zivkovic

Sasa's work is amazing. It's so simple and yet the interaction is pure joy. The mouse, moving from left to right, decides how large the circles are that emanate from the centre point. When the circles get bigger, the angle they leave the centre at is increased. When the mouse button is held down, the rotation reverses, and just have to try it out for yourself. The patterns you can make are awesome.
You can find it here.

Roots by Greg Kepler

This is a totally different processing sketch. This sketch draws randomly generated roots when the user presses the mouse button. Each root created is unique and separate from the previous one. The result is very realistic. This was over 50 clicks down the line, and it really does look like what would happen in real life. Definitely worthy of a look at the code for some help.
You can find it here.

Still searching for more!

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